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It had a flight of eight steps with a single shaft of carved stone 20 feet high on top, and was probably referred to as far back as 1478.

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This is reflected in Banbury's Market Place, its triangular shape being typical of the Danes.

Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln, built Banbury Castle in the year 1135AD.

A painting from the end of the 18th century shows two towers rising above houses to the north of Market Place but these days nothing can be seen of the castle.

The nursery rhyme, a favourite with children throughout the English-speaking world, was first seen in print in the year 1784, although it was known in its current form in at least 1760.

The "Fyne" lady is generally thought to be a member of the Fiennes family, ancestors of Lord Saye and Sele who owns nearby Broughton Castle.

During the period of the Reformation Banbury had three crosses.

Banbury stands at the junction of two ancient roads: Salt Way, still used as a bridle path to the west and south of the town, led from Droitwich, Worcestershire to London and the south east of England, its primary use being the transportation of salt; and Banbury Lane, which began near Northampton and fairly closely followed the modern 22-mile-long road before running through Banbury's High Street and on towards the Fosse Way at Stow-on-the-Wold.

In the year 913AD a band of Danes, who had settled in Northampton, travelled along Banbury Lane and ravaged north Oxfordshire.

Appley aroma with peaty undertones, this medium dry cider is just challenging enough to be easy drinking.

A real taste of the orchard for those ready to embrace proper cider.

The site contained almost 150 items, including pottery and grinding stones, and indications of buildings from the period.

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