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Please note that pre-registering a domain does not guarantee you will get it.

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Pre-registering a domain gives you a better chance of securing the name you want.

The new domains will be popular, so we recommend pre-registering.

The Trademark Clearinghouse is a centralized database for verified trademarks.

In order to register a domain name during any Trademark Holder ("Sunrise") registration period, your trademark must first be verified by the Trademark Clearinghouse.

There are a variety of phases that a new TLD may go through during its launch process.

The first of these phases, historically called "Sunrise" is exclusively for verified Trademark Holders.They will provide all the information you need regarding access to your auction account, how to bid, and auction timing, etc.This process is separate from the registration process.This phase is the first chance anyone has to register a new domain.After your trademark is validated, the TMCH will send you an SMD (Signed Mark Data) file that you must use to complete your registration.However, you must have your trademark validated with the Trademark Clearinghouse before you can register your domain.

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