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Nevertheless, President Eisenhower continued to urge approval and worked with Congress to reach compromises that made approval possible. Through the remainder of his years as President, he searched for ways to solve the problems that plagued the program in its early years and pushed for continued work on the Interstate System.His leadership in promoting the and moving the program forward on schedule has earned President Eisenhower the title "Father of the Interstate System." To Top How long is the Interstate System?In 1963, a remarkable new saw and new chain initiated the modern era of lightweight, high-speed, direct-drive chain saws.

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"I found it in the larva of the timber beetle." Joe knew if he could duplicate the larva's alternating C-shaped jaws in steel, it just might catch on.

He went to work in the basement shop of his Portland, Oregon home and came up with a revolutionary new chain.

In spite of the humble beginnings, John said, "I like the challenge of being in on the ground floor of something so exciting with so much obvious potential." Eventually, John would see the business grow from $300 thousand to $300 million. The company became a multinational corporation in 1952 by acquiring Planer Chain Ltd. In 1953, Joe sold the company to John Gray and vigorous growth continued.

The company moved into its first bona fide plant in 1955, a 65,000-square-foot facility in Portland that later served as the administration building.

Today, guard links are usually associated with safety and kickback reduction.

But in 1959, these original guard links were only expected to reduce the frequent hooking and grabbing of small brush.

Currently, the Interstate System is 46,876 miles long.

The imposed a statutory limitation on the Interstate mileage that would be built with Interstate Construction funds under the new program (41,000 miles at the time).

Both products were immensely successful, and derivative chains based on the original 72D design are still widely used today.

The concept of an Interstate system as we know it was first described in a 1939 report to Congress called Toll Roads and Free Roads. The ideas expressed in the "free roads" portion of the report evolved through further study and experience before approval of the authorized designation of a "National System of Interstate Highways," the legislation did not authorize an initiating program to build it.

A timber-beetle larva, the size of a man's forefinger, was easily chewing its way through sound timber, going both across and with the wood grain at will.

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