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You don't like coffee but you could have a tea, juice, milk... I think a social like the POF parties, is a much better idea for most people.

It's just another place where two people can meet, and it makes one feel safer........................... If everyone supported those parties, then it could be a good thing.

then maybe a phone call or e mails,i dunno what ever happen 2 old school dating i said before you got 1 answer if ya asked a girl out was plain YES or NO ......................................

CP45Going for a coffee is a good way to meet someone out in public where it is more safe!

I too would rather get to know someone through this site, hrough M S N, on the phone..meet in person out in public somewhere.

Tim Horton's would be a good place for myself for I do like coffee...

I lived in Calgary for the past 10 years, and know it is popular up there but never tried it. Do you think it will be as popular as on the mainland? We are tranditional souls, but yet we resort to the internet and POF. Got to meet some of the faces behind the profile names!

I hope I am wrong, cause I think it is much better to get from behind the computer and interact with other SINGLE people face to face. Online (vitual dating) has it limits along with as well, its' pro's and con's! cindy is back Hi everyone...info on Speed Dating in St John's, NL, message "st johns salsera". There is also a Group and Events set-up on Facebook. There is usually a set time limit in which you have the opportunity to talk and ask questions.

How you communicate...you don't have an idea by now...luck to ya!! These events will continue and are arranged by age group to streamline things i.e. It's fun and held in a very comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with live entertainment and a complimentary drink as well! Cheers,st johns salsera Only 8 minutes of questions? Would like to think there would be more than 8 minutes of talking Speed Dating... It was alot easier to date when we were younger..so much baggage etc..we ALL got today!

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