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Many remember the feeling when they first played Fallout; until you completed the game, you kept going through interesting locations full of fascinating things, and even after several play-throughs you kept finding new stuff.Players could really get into such a game, and that’s exactly the kind of a game we striven to create.

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Thanks to this change, various programs for Fallout file editing will now work with Resurrection without a problem.- If you downloaded some files containing hot fixes beforehand, you should delete those files before installing the patch (check sub folders in the Resurrection/data folder, or in the case of version 1.4 in the Resurrection/resdata folder). - If you want to see what's new in version 1.5, read the fores_file found in the Resurrection folder, or check the changelog here (beware though, it contains SPOILERS!

).- If you encounter a problem installing or running Resurrection, check the readme file first. If the readme doesn't help, let us know on our forum, or email us and we'll try to help you.

It’s an unfriendly place, where the law is on the side of whoever has the biggest gun.

The name Resurrection was chosen for two reason: firstly, resurrection is related to the main character, which at the beginning practically rises from the dead; secondly, it’s a resurrection of the good old Fallout. Our aim is to bring this classic back in its original form.

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

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Starting from scratch the player has to search for their forgotten past, with a mysterious talisman as the only clue.

As big fans of Fallout we've tried to take the best from all the classic Fallouts.

There're specific settings in these files for Resurrection that are different from the default settings of High Resolution patch and Sfall.

- Since the ini files of High Resolution patch and Sfall are updated with the patch as well, your settings in them (for example the game's resolution) will be set back to default.

A new old school Fallout game - that's Fallout 1.5: Resurrection, a mod for Fallout 2.

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