Starview box keeps updating

I got a chance to have a look at another one of these so called “dodgy boxes” the other day.The latest and greatest offering from the the Starview creators is The Box Super USB.

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My instant reaction when I saw it being turned on was the huge improvement in the graphics and interface.

It really has come along way from the first Starview box.

You simply copy the files from your computer to the USB stick, insert it in the USB port on The Box, hit menu, go to USB and select the file that you’ve just copied.

It updates in seconds and no need for wires everywhere!

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Tried disconnecting power several times and also removing virgin cable/smart card but no success.

Can somebdoy please give me some assistance or advice on what to do next. This seems quite a common problem form reading around. In my case it was a result of not enough signal in sort of no tech speak.

I called Virgin Media last night but nobody could give me an answer, they just put me through to a recorded message about the switchover.

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