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I know like 2 alchoholic drinks by name that's how much i've drank in my life loljack n coke, and screwdriver, and ......shoot that's all i can think of off the top of my head lol I'd rather a woman find me attractive or charming or whatever, sober and not falling on my feet or having a joint in my mouth....~ I aplaud you ~ goodie-two-shoes, no way, he is just plain jealous ~ be yourself always ~ following someone elses footsteps is not who you are ~ I think your footsteps are firmly in place ~ you have your whole life a head of you, I think when your older you can look back and be proud of who you were and what you've become, just by being you Right on! I do not appreciate peole that tell me how to live, Its my GD life, I do not tell others how to live.

Heres a thought when is the last time someone had to go outside on a cold day BECAUSE THE DO NOT SMOKE,,,with all the smog and air pollution that we as humans have caused do you honestlly beleave that 1 cig. curvie, never look back and think you missed out on anything.

Not only did it change my life, it changed his even more. As you get older you will find more and more people with the same interests.

Good luck girl and hang in there jeff I'm with ya, curvie cutie, don't be ashamed of your convictions, but build upon them and you have good character. I admire your resolve...best way to get along with others who do drink is just don't draw attention to the fact that you aren't.

Character is important, just build upon it, and live a life of character. Order your own beverage; find some explanation like you just can't afford to loose your license for work or something like that......careful not to comment at all on your choice or other peoples choices and it won't even be an issue.

Don't sweat it, I have an 18 year old son who tells me there is just nothing about drinking and drugs that appeal to him.

He likes to keep his mind and body free of outside influences he says.

I recently had a man tell me he asks a woman out for a drink because he then just likes to see how responsible she is / or isn't about drinking.

This tells me that real men don't evaluate you by how much you drink, unless you drink too much!!!!It does nothing for me and it takes too much to affect me so I don't care for it.And I have never done a drug, never smoked, nothing, and people look at me sometimes like i'm messed up or something.We support all endeavors of members of the Straight Edge community. Why are we making money off the Straight Edge scene? What's our beverage of choice on a night out?To each is their own, but I will say, by me staying the way I have been from day 1 of making those decisions, you respect yourself more then anyone else could towards you, and that is what matters in the end and no one can change that so stick to it. A man once told me there is nothing in this world that has destroyed more good people than alcohol...

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