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She can feel accomplished and fulfilled, all on her own.

She doesn’t need you for her life to make sense; to have meaning and purpose.

This woman is not concerned about her heart breaking because she knows she’ll be just fine.

With all that said, a strong, fiercely independent woman still desires love in her own unique way.

Rather than seeking a fairytale romance, she yearns for passion, equality, and inspiration.

She needs and wants tough love just as much as understanding, passionate love.

She’s experienced a lot more than you think in this life already, which has made her appreciate all things in every form — the good, the bad, the complicated, the ugly heartbreak.

She doesn’t need you to fix her broken pieces — she does it on her own.

A confident woman would love to share her life and adventures with you, but she knows she doesn’t need to.

A strong woman still fears she’ll be the one to break your heart. A tough woman has too much love in her heart to only be willing and capable of sharing it with just you.

Learn to respect and admire that she has worlds of love to give to someone, to something, other than just one person.

For this reason, her standards are high and they won’t be coming down anytime soon.

Because of this, don’t be hurt if she chooses not to introduce you to her family.

A strong woman believes in building one another up and taking on the world hand-in-hand.

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