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#United We Stand #Loveis Love #america #russia #saudiarabia #Uganda #gay #gaypride #pride #love #4thofjuly A photo posted by Robert Mc Eachren (@robertmceachren) on Sven Sundgaard was born on 17 January 1981 which makes him 34 now.

To this day, Sven does not have any connection with girls or confessed that he has been interested in female.

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Many people guessed that he may want to keep his personal life private; but after the posts, every one of his fans got stunned.

I'm a research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

Follow @robertmceachren , repost for my talented, creative guy: Apparently it's good #luck to #kiss under a waterfall #love #loveislove #fall #minnesota #beard #men #gay #gayguys #gayjock #boyfriends A photo posted by Sven Sundgaard (@svensundgaard) on The popular gay meteorologist himself confessed this we are not making it out.

He has even posted several pictures which will make you believe that he is gay in real life and a really proud one.

Here’s what he’s learned from a career built on death-defying stunts.

Turn a setback into a reset In August, Thorgren came up short on a routine jump and tweaked his knee on the landing.

He is one of the most good looking personalities working as a meteorologist.

Sven Sundgaard has been able to grow his career and have many supporters and fans everywhere. Cloud State graduate first interned at KARE 11 then after working with certain other channels he started working with KARE-TV in Minneapolis-St. Sven has gained lots of popularity being a meteorologist but his personal life has been a little secret from many of his fans and supporters.

Here are a few random memories of the infamous "KARE-11" tornado tracked by Sky-11 for @wccoradio L Nn X0H Showers moving in by mid-late morning. Will this system get out of here in time for the weekend?

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