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Or neither and it's just going to be hard for anyone.

I am part of a really large group of friends all 25-35 who are mostly single and we always go to these events. OKC has metrics for compatibility based on responses to questions as well as the ability to craft a persona with a self-summary, etc.

The one on July 6th is at Le Moyne Center For The Visual Arts, there is a Facebook event page for it somewhere, if nothing else it's free drinks! I was under the impression that tinder was just a casual hookup app. But as a young professional who has recently dipped back into the dating world, I've actually found Tinder much more conducive to meeting people and setting up actual dates. For me, they are just a gateway to meeting people I seem attracted to based on the info I'm presented with--which to me doesn't seem all that different from striking up conversation with someone you find attractive at a bar or other social setting.

It's disheartening that you saw a lot more creepy types on OKC though.

If you don't mind my asking, have you been using this in Tallahassee or somewhere else?

I'm sure the hookup guys claim to be the same way but I haven't been on those sites yet and certainly wouldn't know what it's like from a girl's perspective. Any particular reason you recommended the ones you did?

There are ' Network of young professional' meet ups the first Wednesday of every month and a few other times. Tinder certainly has a reputation as a casual hookup app because it's picture-centric and thus seemingly more superficial.

I'm probably going to stay away from tinder initially, though your recommendation has given me a little less pause about trying it in the future.

The idea of a picture-only setup just sounds a little too superficial for my taste.

I'd be interested to see if the creepy levels are different by region.

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