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Lighter-Safer-Greener More than 150 million Americans use corrective eyewear, so why not select an eco-friendly option to see the world through greener "lenses"?

Airwear® lenses provide a unique combination of benefits for active lifestyles through superior comfort and performance; and they are quite a "green" option.

Army and the tremendous amount of support programs and mechanisms that exist for Soldiers today, especially those serving overseas, said Grey.

One version usually involves the sale of a vehicle; where the service member claims to be living overseas and has to quickly sell their vehicle because they are being sent to another duty station.

Check your local Lions Club Web site for more information on to donate.

** It's estimated that most people get new eyeglasses every year or two, so why not just repurpose them?

As the first Essilor material (what the lenses are made of) to go green by significantly reducing its environmental footprint by implementing responsible manufacturing--it's now lighter, safer and greener than ever before.

o -from US airwear products alone (from airwear research).

Discover yourself bit by bit, day by day, little by little, breath by breath,…

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