Tax consequences of liquidating a corporation

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A corporate name need not be in English if written in English letters or Arabic or Roman numerals, and the certificate of authority required of foreign corporations need not be in English if accompanied by a reasonably authenticated English translation.

The court may summarily order the Department of State to file the document or take other action the court considers appropriate.

The court’s final decision may be appealed as in other civil proceedings.

If the record changes the mailing address of the domestic or foreign corporation, the department must send such notice to the new mailing address and to the most recent prior mailing address.

If the department refuses to file a document, it shall return it to the domestic or foreign corporation or its representative within 15 days after the document was received for filing, together with a brief, written explanation of the reason for refusal.

The appeal is commenced by petitioning the court to compel filing the document and by attaching to the petition the document and the Department of State’s explanation of its refusal to file.

The matter shall promptly be tried de novo by the court without a jury.Answers to interrogatories must be full and complete, in writing, and under oath.Interrogatories directed to an individual must be answered by him or her, and interrogatories directed to a corporation must be answered by the president, vice president, secretary, or assistant secretary.If not otherwise provided by law and the provisions of this act, the department shall determine, by rule, the appropriate format for, number of copies of, manner of execution of, method of electronic transmission of, and amount of and method of payment of fees for, any document placed under its jurisdiction.If the Department of State refuses to file a document delivered to its office for filing, within 30 days after return of the document by the department by mail, as evidenced by the postmark, the domestic or foreign corporation may: Appeal the refusal to the circuit court of the county where the corporation’s principal office (or, if none in this state, its registered office) is or will be located.A document may specify a delayed effective date, and if it does the document shall become effective on the date specified.

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