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You must all remember a lot of Indians are considered Caucasian, many India (Aryans) originate from the Caucasus Mountains and the majority of the Indian languages are from Sanskrit which is an Indo-European language.

Old Greek, Latin and Sanskrit have alot of similarities.

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Also, we tend to wonder the wrong ideals for certain countries diversity a bit,and prejudice for certain groups before consideration. I am dark skin and im wondering whats the big deal. We may have different cultures and backrounds but we are equal. Indians here, in South Africa are rarely dark skinned. If i were to compare an indian friend of mines to a white dude,she looks fairer. So plz guys dont think of us as inferior, we are n0rmal ppl. Thank you for your time, bye Log in to Reply The people who say he looks Native American or Hispanic/Mestizo and not Indian obviously do not know, nor have been around many South Asians (Indians/Pakistanis.) While you can tell he’s mixed, as holymacaroni92 said, there are also (esp.

Nevertheless, bone structure, I did not say only that and i said skin, other features, and status because those are the things that make race indefinitely. You guys are living in the dark ages and its time to be pulled out of it. North) Indians out there who have even sharper features and lighter skin than him who are not mixed.

But a race is classified for those natural ideals, so it does not function well except that. Yes, he was born in Canada, so he’s Canadian, but that’s not descriptive of his heritage.

I think some racist people (like Rachel, Heather, and their up-voting minions) just try to deny Avan’s Indian heritage because they’re attracted to him, but whatever you say won’t change the fact that he’s half Indian. Log in to Reply Wow a lot of the people are ignorant. Everyone on this forum probably thinks Indians are dark and have extremely different features.

Avan Jogia can pass as North Indian any day, there are North Indians that have lighter and more sharper features than him… And p.s you dummy Canadian is a nationality not an ethnicity. but he said he was Canadian not Indian on facebook and WE ALL AGREED that he isnt and doesnt look Indian at all. go to the 2009 archive, he tells us right there on his FB Log in to Reply He doesn’t look Hispanic.

An Indian and a White person mixing won’t make a drastic difference on the child, it’s technically NOT INTERRACIAL since they are 2 Caucasians. Log in to Reply As I said before tho he doesnt look like an Indian at all and everyone on the Beck facebook page agreed. His ethnicity is white and Indian while his nationality is Canadian don’t confuse the two. He looks exactly what he is -half East Indian, half white. Log in to Reply Ignore the comments that say Avan is not Indian.

This video of the Ross Sisters from the 40’s has been circulating for awhile, but there are probably SOME people, like us, who have never seen it. Be patient – it starts out innocently enough but the ending will blow your mind!

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Avan’s great-grandfather Adney was born in Calgary, Alberta the son of Edward Emerson Tudor and Pearl Dorothy Reed. S., fdthe daughter of James Daniel Jordan and Lula Belle File. Log in to Reply he pretty much looks like a standard Med and could pass in Southern Europe, Turkey, Levant, Iran, and lot of Middle Easterners from those countries could conceivably pass in Southern Europe too i’d probably guess him as Turkish or Persian first, but if he told me has Spanish or Greek I’d believe him too a lot of Indian/Euros mixes look fully white due to all Indians pretty much being structurally Caucasian and having significant Caucasian admixture, especially North Indian/Euro mixes Log in to Reply Lol, some people say he looks white, some say he doesn’t. Korean and Japanese people are light, and are they considered “white”?? There are light skinned black people, but are they considered white?? Bone structure and status is how races are classified.

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