Tea leoni dating 2016

At a certain point, they had to put it in my contract to go to my own premieres. “Our greatest concern, of course, was our kids (Madelaine West, 17, and Kyd Miller, 14). But she’s ready to fly.” In “Madam Secretary,” Tea plays the titular role—a shrewd secretary of state, Elizabeth Mc Cord, who deals with today’s international issues, both at the White House and at home.

“I recognize that I no longer go to the gym for my ass, and I don’t have a gym for my heart,” quipped the actress, noted for her candor and wit. The New Yorker—who’s the mom of two teenagers with ex-husband, David Duchovny—did a high kick when she posed for pictures.

“That’s less fun, although a greater motivator, of course. She said that by 50, your kids had all graduated from college. When the talk somehow veered toward the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt split, Tea said, “Is that really happening?

She has an absolute intolerance for injustice.” About how she would like to see her character in the future, Tea answered, “How about if I do become president, I nominate and put forward another secretary of state, who’s female? As she gets better at negotiation, I [also] have to get better.

Then, we don’t have to change the name of the show. That’s the producer in me but, as an actor, I haven’t decided yet. I’ve negotiated pretty much with everybody already. I want to keep something alive—a new point of view of her.

Come on, we can gossip a little bit.” On her own divorce from David in 2014, Tea commented, “We had it easier.

The amount of attention on celebrities has certainly grown exponentially since David and I were in the thick of it. My daughter’s applying to college this year, so I’m a wreck.

"She's a person, like me and like a lot of people who have gone to that school…who can be perfectly happy sleeping in a wet sleeping bag on a stone floor, or staying in a fancy hotel," he said of his costar.

PHOTOS: Celeb couples and how they met "She's not a whiner. I've gotten along with plenty of people, but the chemistry sucked.

That’ll be my challenge coming forward.” Or Elizabeth could be killed.

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