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There’s a group of kids who are seemingly bent on solving a mystery the police can’t crack.

There’s even a fair amount of ‘80s music, even though the first episode is set almost entirely in the year 2019.

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That’s when the story begins to cut freely between 20, before eventually adding a , with a plot that involves “meeting your parents as teenagers.” The show touches on the age-old philosophical riddle of killing baby Hitler (here reimagined as a suspected budding serial killer).

It boasts the generation-spanning scope of the magical realist novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the “don’t go into the woods” eeriness of most fairy tales, and the weirdness of the mystery surrounding Australia’s famous Somerton Man.

It has found a unique way to examine how people change and evolve over time (which I’ll say more about after the spoiler warning below), but eventually it becomes so wrapped up in plot mechanics that characters start doing things simply because the plot needs them to. this supposed flaw is devilishly buried inside is fun watch that left me thinking less about what it means to be human and more what it means to be a creature constrained by the boundaries of space and time. There’s a missing boy, who seemingly vanished without a trace.

It’s beautiful, mysterious, and a little bit maddening, and you’d want to take in every little second of the show even if it wasn’t in German with English subtitles, because every aspect of it matters. There are hints of some other world lurking alongside the one we all live in.

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