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Today i will like to share some informations about phone, text operator jobs.

Only down side is, that they pay ones a month and the minimum amount for payment is 125 pounds. Example: your rate for skype is: 15 credit tip (15 dollars) for 10 minutes - you choose the rate for skype show, so if customer send you 15 credits you will get 15 dollars for skype show. You can earn up to 200 dollars or more a week just by texting and 1 or 2 skype shows.

If you do not reach 125 pounds, than your money will roll over to the next month. So if you will make just 1 pound, that pound will be send to your account or paypal!!! My personal earnings: Minimum (when i am lazy;-)) 80 dollars a week and when i am online every day up to 220 dollars a week.

Bitcoin is not bad, because you can transfer your bitcoin to bitstamp and from there to your bank account.

If you have any question about bitcoin you can send me a message i will explain it to you;-).

Jade allowed herself to be filmed for a BBC documentary called: "Jade, Why I Chose Porn" and at one point she tellingly confides that working in porn was a way of rebelling against her upbringing.

"My parents were so strict about everything I did that’s how I rebelled and ended up how I am," she says.

She won’t discuss her family, although she describes her upbringing as "perfect." By the age of 13 however, she was already watching porn online.

"Boys in the playground at school were using all these sexual terms.

I get online on talksugar only when i do a webcam chat on other sites - i will talk about webcam modeling in my next blog.

And the reason is, because i get more calls if i do live phone calls.

"When I got into this, there were people telling me I was beautiful and it brought me out of my shell, it made me believe in myself more than I ever did before." "It’s given me independence and self-esteem.

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