The consolidating smartphone pie

The fees they charge vary a little, but are normally somewhere around per package, or some kind of monthly fee for unlimited packages. Depending on the size, weight and value of what you're trying to get your hands on, this can vary between really-quite-cheap and it'd-better-be-delivered-by-the-Holy-Angels prices.

As a ballpark, getting a laptop shipped to the UK will cost around USD (about £50 in real money).

The total number of mobile connections across the Americas dropped slightly through the year though, most likely because people have been consolidating multiple subscriptions.

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The full terms of the warranty will be published online somewhere, so make sure to take a look before buying.

Despite all the potential hang-ups, it's not quite as hard as it seems to buy a product from the US.

Internet users are up 15% year-on-year, with the regional total rapidly approach the 150 million mark.

Social media use overall grew a staggering 47% in the past 12 months, with mobile social media up 44%.

APAC is now home to more than half the world’s internet users, 54% of the world’s social media users, and 56% of all mobile social media users.

Once again though, it’s the pace of change that tells the most interesting story here: Asia-Pacific accounted for 70% of total growth in global internet users, 62% of the growth in social media users, and 64% of the growth in mobile social media users.The reason why manufacturers normally make a US-specific and international version of the same phone is that the cellular frequencies are different around the world. Whether or not the warranty will work in the UK for a product bought in the US depends on the manufacturer.Before buying a phone, make sure it supports GSM and not just CDMA, and check the specific wireless frequencies as well, to make sure it'll play nice with the UK. If you buy a phone straight from a network, or second-hand from the US, there's a good chance it'll be carrier-locked, just like some phones are in the UK. Some warranties, like Apple's, will contain a line like this: ...whereas others may offer a full international warranty.The Americas posted some impressive gains in the past 12 months, with 53 million new internet users delivering an 8% year-on-year growth in regional penetration.Much of this growth came out of Central and South America - perhaps unsurprising given the existing high rates of penetration in North America - but the United States alone contributed 22 million (25%) of the 88 million new social media users across the region in the past year.Most of the reshipping services also offer extra services (though, of course, for some extra dough).

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