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And, while he wasn’t in the dating market, if he was, imagine the benefits of his religious fame! While it’s important to not give up your core self for any woman (see first tip), if you’re a Christian guy who loves to argue the finer points of theology and always has to be “right” then you’ll also likely be single.

I went through a period when I was a very judgmental Christian. You can be on fire for God, but don’t use your fire to consume everyone else.

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Sometimes it’s easy to feel that you are rejecting someone arbitrarily, but other times having a strict moral code and compass can be an advantage in the often confusing world of dating.

People ask me for advice on how to date someone you know you like but that is Christian.

Most Christians who take their faith seriously aren’t necessarily theologians.

They find meaning in their faith in Christ, enjoy church, and value what Christianity brings to their life. And, they don’t really care about the finer points of debating religion.

If I had a dollar for every Christian girl who dated a bay boy I’d be wealthy.

Fortunately, through, I have some solid Christian dating advice for men.

Whether it’s from parents, church friends, campus ministers, and pastors, lots of Christian leaders like to give advice on the topic of relationships and dating.

Many people, especially guys, eagerly embraced these Christian dating tips because they hoped it would get them a date with a nice, Christian girl.

If you truly want to date according to your Christian values, then find ways to be around like-minded people and apply the previous tips in those settings, These tips will help you be an excellent, high value man, while staying true to your core religious values.

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