Tips on updating your cv impact of backdating

It reinforces the message of the personal statement.List your most recent – or most relevant - employment first.

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Tips on updating your cv

If you can, try and include a punchy “ad-like” branding statement which tells the employer immediately what you can bring to their company.

This brief section should list your key skills and offers supporting evidence for them.

If you have refreshed your CV, save it and then ask a new pair of eyes to proofread it for mistakes.

Now, save it as a PDF - so it is mobile-friendly - and start putting it out there.

If you’re building a personal brand to market to employers, ensuring your CV is constantly updated is vital.

So whether it’s altering the appearance of your CV to make it more distinct, ensuring there is a consistent brand message woven through the document or defining a memorable brand statement, your CV is a core component of your personal branding campaign and requires constant maintenance.

This is your elevator pitch and should relate directly to your most suitable skills, experience and goals for the role you are applying for.

Try and avoid clichés or generic phrases – this is your first opportunity to demonstrate what sets you apart from the crowd, so try and narrow down on specific skills or unique traits which are most suitable for the role.

If you are working or planning to leave work at some point, you need to gather the information you think is necessary and include it in there to show your contribution to the role.

It helps to go back and think about what you have learnt from this experience.

Not wholly necessary but it can be used to give a more rounded picture of yourself and should be used to emphasise skills or qualities relevant to the role (e.g. You may wish to include a headline quote from your referee above their details.

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