Todd lasance dating jessica tovey

I can't take my eyes off my 2 beautiful girls.’ Todd, who is now based in Los Angeles, used the same social media platform to announce that the couple were expecting in mid-May.The actor has just been revealed as the mysterious new speedster in Marvel superhero TV series The Flash, while prior to that he had a recurring role as Julian in The Vampire Diaries.He also has a nemesis throughout his tenure in the form of Geoff Campbell (Lincoln Lewis).

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Lasance said he was glad Aden was not killed off because it was a "realisation of his potential".

While he had no immediate plans to return, he also said he would like to return one day to "see what Aden's up to"."[As Aden] I've been in a car accident, I nearly killed my dad, I've been abused, my dad got held at gunpoint, my dad was an alcoholic and the diner collapsed on me so I've been in hospital three times.

Aden Jefferies is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Todd Lasance.

He debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 4 August 2005.

He presumably wanted it to seem like a typically Jewish name and may have been familiar with the name Iscah , Abraham's niece, which was rendered in Shakespeare's time as Jesca .

For five years, Todd Lasance was beloved by Home And Away fans as bad boy-turned-good Aden Jefferies.

We're talking 12 months here so he's had a pretty rough trot.

I think everyone in Summer Bay needs a bit of therapy." Aden has been described as a "good looking guy with a smile that melts every heart." Aden is initially portrayed as an "anti-social bully with a huge chip on his shoulder" where authority figures are concerned.

Both felt like it would not work out and be ill-received by viewers.

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