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She thinks that she is gods gift, however please take a good look at this lady. She isn’t winning men over with her good oh I meant UGLY looks, its all about how far she will go in the bedroom. This snapchat filtered w**** gets off on pursuing married men and co-workers!

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She loves happy hours and/or any opportunity to get wasted and throw herself at men. Maybe she’s used to that kind of trashy lifestyle though considering she has 2 KIDS by 2 different men, She needs anti-depressants to function, got herself thrown out of the Navy ,follows the husband and his family around town, blows all her money on changing her color of her hair and nails, which she has no MONEY all while getting her mother and baby daddies to pay her bills that she’s behind on…lol.

She will literally stop at nothing to get some D***. He obviously was scraping the bottom of the bucket. Not only does she not know how to adult, but she also doesn’t know the difference between a single man and a married man. She liked to manipulate him to believe he has such a terrible marriage and blew things up to make him feel miserable with the wife just so she can get a little attention.

He even raped an addict, and he might have raped others.

Do yourselves a favor and STAY AWAY from this horrible excuse of a human being! Matthew Charles Humpherys aka Matt Humpherys, commonly misspelled as Matthew Humphreys or Matt Humphreys, is a chronic cheater, liar, criminal, addict, theif, rat, and overall piece of shit.

He abandonned his wife after they got into an argument when she found out he was cheating on her.

She delivered their child alone in the hospital and he refused to be there.Beware of this thing at Cotters and be even more aware of how much you drink.Dr.shirmeen Lakhani who works at Jacinto Medical Group as a Podiatric Medicine doctor, she is a true winner, married men is her specialty.This isn’t the first time that Matt has thrown away family by cheating.He has also missed all of the child’s appointments because he was in prison for drug-related crimes.She chose to go after a married man who she worked with.

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