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A match, even in the best of circumstances where the match does fall into the proven Native haplogroups does not automatically equal to tribal affiliation, and any company who suggests or says it does is substantially misleading their customers.

From the , the company that identified the woman as Beothuk: Native American linkage is based on a sample comparison to a proven member of the group, which identifies specific tribal linkage.

Both Y and mitochondrial DNA at appropriate testing levels can identify a Native ancestor back in time thousands of years.

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Therefore, tribal membership alone is not predictive of a Native American Y or mitochondrial haplogroup.

Matching someone who is tribally enrolled does not mean that your DNA is from that tribe, because their DNA from that line may not be historically Native either.

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There are individuals living in Europe and Asia, as well as the Americans who fall into various subgroups of haplogroup C and X, which are impossible to differentiate without testing beyond the HVR1 region.

A match at the HVR1 level which only indicates C or X, without subgroups, could be from a very ancient common ancestor, back in Asia and does not necessarily indicate Native American heritage without additional testing.

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in Canada as a result of a DNA test from a Canadian DNA testing company.

What this means is that someone whose ancestors have never lived outside of China, for example, would at the basic haplogroup level, C, match to the Beothuk remains because they shared a common ancestor 24,000 years ago.

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