Truth about russian dating sites starsat sr x4000d key updating

Internet technologies gave influence on dating industry, it changed humanity and we see another way of development of communication.People became free to start talking, free to get acquainted, easy to start realtionship.

There is a tendency or mainstream – you may call it like that – two third parts of single ladies rushed to register on dating websites.

And we distinguish 40% of those who are fresh to became in the age of 18!

Female member for example asks her friends for a help much often, she thinks someone would find sincere and perfect words to describe her personality. We feel technologies era stepping on our life however still many pepole in spite of famous usage of modern gadgets prefer to start dating alive.

More than a half of Russian single people are convinced to find someone offline rather than online.

We are one of the best online dating sites with foreigners that seeking wife in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former USSR.

Also we have many women living in Western Europe, USA and Canada.

Indeed we could notice increasing the amount of those who find this way of communication compatible and friendly.

If we take age category 18-25 in the end of 2012 our reports show only 8% of users but in 2015 this amount increased to 25%.

It is based on using the most powerful dating websites and famous mobile applications.

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