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“If you’re hungry, you don’t always have to run and get something to eat.” After practicing TRF “not religiously, but pretty consistently” for nearly seven months, Clinesmith noted, she lost around seven or eight pounds.(Weight loss had not been her primary motivation for trying the diet.) Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that for those who find a protocol they can stick with, intermittent fasting or time-restricted feeding could be a novel and effective weight loss tool.Finally, there is time-restricted feeding (TRF), which really isn’t fasting at all, but where normal feeding is restricted to a relatively short period of time (between 10 a.m. A quick scan of the latest literature on IF suggests that this relatively simple dietary strategy can prevent or cure nearly anything.

So it really makes sense to work with people where they’re at,” she says.

Kathleen Clinesmith, 76, tried time-restricted feeding as a way to improve her diet and hopefully reap some of the reported long-term benefits of IF.

And for people who take medications for heart disease and high blood pressure, fasting may cause risky electrolyte imbalances.

Scientists have been studying fasting and meal timing protocols for many decades, but in recent years, as more sophisticated methods have come into play, the field has really exploded.

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Louis Park, Minn., has recommended fasting for her clients, around 70 percent of whom are over 50. “It’s probably going to be a pound a week,” says Lehrman.

She uses something very similar to the 5:2 IF protocol, “mainly with people who have already lost weight, and we’re using it more for maintenance.” Why not for weight loss? Lehrman also agreed with researchers that what works for one person may not work for another. People can lose weight and maintain weight on a really wide variety of food patterns.

While many of these claims will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever tried a fad diet, the research behind those bold book titles actually holds quite a bit of promise.

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