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This custom firmware required 3.03 OE-A/A' firmware to be installed first.

This was only a minor update, however, and therefore was not needed by everyone running the custom firmware. It offers all past features from other custom firmwares, such as all features (except Location Free Player) built into the official 3.30, functionality as well as 1.50 features, such as ISO/CSO loading and homebrew support. This release includes a fix to security bug that overwrites certain parts of the RAM and also reintroduces the auto-boot program feature. This release includes the same changes made in 3.30 OE-A' except it now uses the 3.40 firmware.

It fixed a bug that caused data to be written to random addresses in the PSP's RAM.

Among the features are using Wi Fi at 333 MHz, maximum bit-rate limit of MP4-AVC videos is raised from 768 kbit/s to 16384 kbit/s (16 Mbit/s), ability to change the CPU/Bus speed of the XMB, faster cold-boot, as well as several other new features.

3.10 OE On February 4 2007, a "3.10 OE-A" custom firmware was released by Dark Ale X, allowing screen brightness to the 4th level without having to connect the AC adapter along with the ability to run static Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) created homebrew with the 3.10 kernel.

If the bug caused memory writes to certain kernel functions, the console could potentially be rendered unusable if those functions were accessed.

Autoboot, which had been broken since 3.03 OE, was reimplemented.1.62 IE Custom Firmware In March 2007, user becus25 released 1.62 IE-A. Like custom firmware 1.53, it is based off the 1.5 kernel.Earlier versions of 1.62 IE would often cause bricks when the flash was modified. Currently though, 1.62 IE is only compatible with TA-079 motherboards and will brick on TA-082 and later motherboards.Custom firmwares used a subset of the commonly known 1.50 firmware to enable a newer custom firmware to run homebrew capabilities, while newer custom firmwares use a custom IPL to launch the firmware and patch it.On firmwares with 1.50 kernel installed, less used features are removed in newer versions including "Location Free Player" and Korean fonts in order to gain flas0 space.2.71 SE (Special Edition) On OCtober 8 2006, Dark Ale X's custom firmware 2.71 SE-A was released, which utilizes the features of the 2.71 web browser, video features, RSS feeds, WMA capabilities and flash capabilities for the web browser as well as full 1.50 user and kernel homebrew usage and full 2.71 user and kernel homebrew, as well as adding a recovery mode for unbricking "Semi-Bricked" PSP from bad flashing etc.

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