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Like the homes at Plimoth Plantation, the landscape of the traditional Cape Cod home often includes the picket fence or gate. Many of the homes of the past have been modified through architectural details or building additions. Exploring the meaning of architectural style can be challenging in a country like the United States with a population of diverse backgrounds.

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Most of the Cape Cod houses we see today are not from the Colonial era, so they are technically In reality, the history of what we call the Cape Cod style is not a pure and simple revival story, but more of a survival story.

European immigrants to the New World brought building skills with them, but their first dwellings were more Primitive Hut than bold, new architectural style.

The dormers seen here match the windows on the first floor and are equally spaced.

An architect's eye for symmetry and proportion was probably used in this design.

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Remembering that the original colonists of the New World took the journey because of freedom of religion, we should not be surprised at the Puritan-stark nature of America's first homes. The side chimney and one-car attached garage are telling details for the age of this home—a time when the middle class flourished and prospered.

The appeal of the Cape Cod style home is its simplicity.

Just like the dream we have of the seaside cottage, the soldiers coming back from World War II had the dream of families and home ownership.

Everyone knew Cape Cod, nobody had heard of Cape Ann, so developers invented the Cape Cod style, loosely based on reality. It's design is simple, compact, expandable, and, for mid-20th century developers, the Cape Cod could be prefabricated.

The first houses in the New World, like in the settlement at Plimoth, were simple post-and-beam shelters with one opening—a door.

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