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Your ASA must be running at least 9.2 or later as specified on the release page.

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For example, most attackers wouldn’t launch attacks from their home network.

They would attack you from a new / rouge IP address that based on negative reputation would be blocked by this feature (aka pre attack blocking the traffic before it can hit your network).

For example, if you have the dedicated IPS installed on the ASA, you would have to issue the following commands to kill it Many of the initial steps are similar to how ASA CX is installed on an ASA (see my post HERE). An example boot image file is asasfr-5500x-boot-5.3.1-58

Next you will need to get the Firepower system software from and FTP that to the ASA once the image is running.

For those following Cisco security, you probably know Cisco acquired Sourcefire last year (more found HERE). NOTE The ASA 5505 is a first gen ASA but there are new models coming out shortly for small business).

The most anticipated release has been adding Sourcefire’s flagship Firepower offering inside Cisco’s most popular firewall offering the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). There are versions of Sourcefire that don’t require an ASA such as a dedicated appliance and virtual Sourcefire appliance however this post will cover running sourcefire within a ASAX or in this case, a ASA5515X.

More specifically, we provide comprehensive productivity software for Recruitment Professionals to assist them in their day to day work. Well, here's an example of why integration is so important.

Regardless of whether your recruitment organisation is large or small, single or multiple location, whether you are "generalists" or providers of specialised services, for white collar or blue, or whether your role in your organisation is managing, operating a temp desk, dealing with high profile executive recruitment, or just making sure that everyone gets paid and bills are sent out, IT IS VITAL that you have reliable computer software, and critical that someone is on hand to assist you when things don't go to plan. Once an incoming timesheet has been processed into your Work DESK database, information in this timesheet is used for paying each employee or contractor, for invoicing your client, updating the employee's payment history and the client's accounting records, maintaining statistics for consultants involved and whilst this happens financial and management reports are also updated.

(NOTE the ip is .202 and made up key is thesecurityblogger in this example) At this point, all future steps are done within the Fire SIGHT management. You will need to download Virtual Fire SIGHT / Defense center for VMWare, which will be a gz files. Open Fire SIGHT in a standard browser and use admin for the user name and Sourcefire for the password.

I used 7-zip for my windows VM to uncompressed the file since I need windows to access my ESX system (VMware needs to developed a MAC agent! From the GUI, you will be asked to change the password.

Check the Enable ASA Fire POWER for this traffic flow check box.

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