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You shouldn't need to reboot.- and try this link if you want to reverse that registry change later: reverse stop windows no disk error message.: I've moved the history to the end and beefed up the howto at the start.

It's not finding something that it was expecting to find - whether a CD, DVD etc in a CD-ROM drive, DVD-ROM drive or Zip drive for some people, or in my case cards inserted into all the slots of my card reader (which enables me to transfer photos, MP3s and other data from SD cards, Compact Flash cards etc to my computer and vice versa). At one point it even seemed to be checking for a floppy disk in my floppy disk drive. But the message came back if I'd left it connected when I booted again, so that wasn't much good if you don't feel like always having to remember to unplug and re-connect it (and it may be impracticable if the socket is somewhere inaccessible).

In my own case, I found that if I didn't have my card reader connected permanently, I didn't get that error message. Also others have found that if you leave media in the drive that's causing the problem, e.g.

A very common thread though is that it often seems to involve .

Some software process (which I wasn't able to track down, myself) has clearly been initiated at startup which was trying to access or at least check all the disk drives attached to my PC.

So I'll set out the solution below for those who like me might have missed it.

The thing I did which I'm pretty sure is the solution was to change the drive letters for my card reader slots - thank you Beckham Squared, who said: "in resetting the drive letter whatever got corrupted during the [Norton removal] was fixed".But I'd still have to get rid of it at least once).And unlike some other people, I did have anything but my main hard drive as C.(The person there first encountered the problem after uninstalling Norton System Works.I didn't uninstall it myself, yet I also got the same problem - there are clearly lots of different causes).Practical technology for intelligent non-geeks from a consumer perspective, from computing, internet, mobile and blogging to media, comms and digital rights.

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