Updating formware for a81e internet dating in ireland

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updating formware for a81e-19

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On the other hand I don't personally want a rethemed system atm and think others might not also.

I've created separate update packs to be used with turtlehazard's system and you can pick and choose which ones you'd like to install.

Then boot up the A81e by holding down the left volume button and the power button at the same time and it will flash the package and continue to boot.

I just finished updating the superuser pkg to v2 ( implementing turtlehazards symlink process but the old way works fine also ) and the bootanimation pkg ( the 1029 firmware doesn't have a /data/local directory so the old pkg wouldn't work properly ). Check in about 20 minutes and I'll put up one package with all of the pieces together including the base and the flashfix in case you will be using an older firmware. 2bpi2m93nt5a5 Hi, I installed 1029 and used BS_hazpkgs_all update.

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As for the others they are included in the google apps (gapps) packages ( both the mdpi and hdpi versions ) so I left them in.

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