Updating indexes for block modelspace

In the case of selecting multiple objects, the field expression references the sum of the lengths of all objects in the selection.

updating indexes for block modelspace-38

I have updated my set of 3-Point Circle & Arc Functions, rewriting the 3-Point Circle function to improve the concision of the code, rewriting the corresponding example programs for both the 3-Point Circle & Arc to enable compatibility with all Auto CAD UCS and View settings, rewriting the 3-Point Arc example program to instead use the 3-Point Circle function (and therefore removing the superfluous 3-Point Arc function), and finally, rewriting the 3-Point Polyline Arc program to use the new 3-Points to Bulge function included as part of my Bulge Conversion Functions.

I have updated my set of Bulge Conversion Functions to include a new 3-Points to Bulge function which will calculate the appropriate bulge value for an arc passing through three supplied points.

Make Auto CAD work for by using custom programming to automate many repetitive tasks.

This site is primarily aimed towards utilising the Auto LISP & Visual LISP APIs to create custom programs which may be run within full versions of Auto CAD (not LT versions) and many of its derivative programs.

I have updated my Polyline Taper program to property of a block reference object is not available.

This fourth example program demonstrates how my Object DBX Wrapper function may be used to easily extract & generate a file containing attribute data found in all attributed blocks within in an entire set of drawings in a selected directory.I have updated my Automatic Block Break application to .This revised version refines the calculation of the block definition bounding box to ignore block components residing on frozen layers and account for the possibility of null bounding boxes (as a result of all components being excluded from the calculation).This new version fixes a bug in which any text content following the last field expression held by the target annotation object would be lost following the application of the source field formatting.Following user feedback, I have updated my Burst Upgraded application to .Whether you are a complete beginner or perhaps more experienced, I have no doubt that you can benefit from the help & resources available here.

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