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2005; 9 in June 2005)Requirements Mac: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher; i Tunes Windows: Windows 2000 or XP; i Tunes Also Known As: i Pod Photo, i Pod with Color Display, Clickwheel i Pod Released: January 2004Discontinued: July 2005Apple is known for not being interested in licensing its technology.For instance, it was one of the only major computer companies never to have licensed its hardware or software to “clone” computer makers who created compatible and competing Macs.On January 8, 2004, HP announced that it would begin selling its own version of the i Pod—basically it was a standard i Pod with the HP logo on it.

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Well, almost; That changed briefly in the 1990s, but as soon as Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he ended that practice.

Because of this, you might expect that Apple would not have been interested in licensing the i Pod or allowing anyone else to sell a version of it. Perhaps because the company had learned from its failure to license the Mac OS (some observers think that Apple would have a much larger computer marketshare in the '80s and '90s if it had done so) or perhaps because it wanted to expand possible sales, Apple licensed the i Pod to Hewlett-Packard in 2004.

At the time of its introduction, the i Tunes Store still had not been introduced (it would appear in 2003).

The second generation i Pod also came in four limited edition models, featuring the signatures of Madonna, Tony Hawk, or Beck, or the logo of the band No Doubt, engraved on the back of the device for an additional $50.

This model also featured two special editions: a 30 GB U2 edition that included the band's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" album, engraved signatures from the band, and a coupon to purchase the bands entire catalog from i Tunes (Oct.

2004); a Harry Potter edition that included that Hogwarts logo engraved on the i Pod and all 6 then-available Potter books pre-loaded as audiobooks (Sept. Also debuting around this time was the i Pod Photo, a version of the 4th generation i Pod that included a color screen and the ability to display photos.The second generation model added a number of new features: Windows support, increased storage capacity, and a touch-sensitive wheel, as opposed to the mechanical wheel that the original i Pod had used.While the body of the device was largely the same as the first generation model, the front of the second generation sported rounded corners.Looking back to when the i Pod was introduced (near the turn of the century!), it's hard to remember just how different the world of computing and portable devices was.There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no apps, no i Phone, no Netflix. As technology evolved, the i Pod evolved with it, often helping to drive innovations and evolutions.

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