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Two months ago I walked through how to build a Hackintosh Mac on the cheap using PC parts.Since that post, the OSx86 scene has changed rapidly, and now you can install Leopard on your computer about as easily as installing Leopard on a Mac—no command line hacking required.When you're all set, click Done and then go ahead and Install.

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This install package comes with individual settings that match specific motherboards, and one very well supported board is the P5W DH Deluxe I used in the original build.

Rather than telling you which checkboxes to tick, just click the screenshot above for a look at all the settings you'll want to use if you're installing OS X on that board.

Before you go ahead with the installation you need to format your hard drive, so once the disc boots, go to Utilities - Disk Utility in the menu bar.

Find the hard drive in the sidebar you want to install Leopard to, select it, then go to the Partition tab, and select a 1 partition volume scheme, name it whatever you want (I called mine Leopard), and choose the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.

Floating around the Bit Torrents, you'll find a disc image called something like Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 SSE2 SSE3.

Download it and burn it to a DVD—it's what you'll use to install Leopard.

If you're thinking of starting from scratch and want to follow exactly how I did it, check out the sections labelled The Hardware and The Build on my original guide.

If you want to a better idea of how well it runs, check out how it benchmarks compared to a Mac Pro and Mac Book Pro.

In the course of figuring it out, I made a lot of different small tweaks, so to ensure I didn't miss any, I've taken pictures of every relevant BIOS screen.

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