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Multimedia doesn't seem to have updated packages yet, but that might just be because nothing changed from RC2. Plus, unlike the upgrade to 3.2 on Su SE 9, there is no conflict between kdebase and kdebase-Su SE.

updating kde mandrake-27

Just add the source mentioned above in addition to your primary installation source.

Ya St will display the available upgrades in the software installation module.

..that's if you forget about the 'loads of design and no useful functionality' superfluous technologies that keep getting incorporated into gnome.

People have to download and install 20mb of superfluous tech to get indexed search in some desktop environments - indexed search which, hilariously, relies on a separately obtained kernel modification anyway.

Stephan Kulow, KDE Release Coordinator, said: "The desktop reached a quality hard to top in previous releases.

Nevertheless, KDE 3.3 is a great improvement and will further strengthen KDE's position as the leading Free desktop environment." Building upon previous releases, noticeable improvements in usability, stability and integration have been achieved, enhancing the desktop experience.All sounds a bit Redmond to a lot of companies, that sort of thing.I like Gnome, and KDE, but I'd be very surprised if anybody sane is having a "when are Novell going to dump KDE" debate.They were labeled as 3.3 in case that release were deemed good enough to be called final.They have freshly updated 3.3 final packages just posted today. ) Bindings and sdk are also still at 3.2.x Still, your point about quick updates still stands.I tried both the kdeartwork3-3.3.0-1.i586I got via apt-rpm and the .0-3 build from the SUSE ftp server. The Su SE 8.2 RPM that contains kopete (kdenetwork3-Instant Messenger) does noit seem to include the Jabber plugin. I'm off to Su SE's site to see if I can figure out how to let them know about this. QT is superior to GTK KDE ist by far superior to GNOME (hat to work with it for 2 days, it's crap) I think, is more resonable for Novell to port Evolution to KDE.

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