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Otherwise an excellent device with speedy operation.After reviewing similar products decided to buy Sony apart from the price slightly high considering the limited features delighted that I did The picture quality is excellent and can only get better when the Dolby Vision update is released Not only is this an excellent player of UHD and HD discs, it upscales (recent) SD discs to a very high quality.Reason 1: I had a previous Sony BD player with only 4k upscaling that had begun to freeze/lock up, or just plainly ignore the remote commands.

Based on my research this is a good value for money product and performs well for the cost.

I just bought this as an early Father's Day gift to add to my Sony 4K TV, and Receiver.

I would still recommend the Sony UBP-X700 to anyone wanting a great 4k UHD, Dolby Vision, 3D blu ray player.

I bought this 2 weeks ago to go with my new Sony 4K television. Good picture quality although personally I cannot really tell the difference between the Ultra HD version of a film & the blu ray which is already 4K but not HDR enabled. Already had an update of the software which was performed easily via the internet.

I currently have Sony Blue Ray Player and it works fine.

Also the 4k ultra dvd are not worth the money and the player thats too hard to fix is not worth my time.In addition it offers a good selection of "smart" features and a wide range of 4K content. I just got the UBPX700 and faced a very hard time in updating the software and the remote doesn't respond.I need to reset the brand new UBP X700 to make it work.I tried guardiane of the galaxy 2 4k and was astounded by the stunning picture quality. Early days yet but first impressions are of a very well made player which is compact and performs beautifully. Great all round player, solid picture playback and good sound quality.The only downside to the product is a small remote but that's being very picky. Now the Dolby Vision update is here it's even better value for money, hopefully in the future the Dolby Vision feature will be updated to auto detect the Dolby Vision discs instead of having to manually turn the feature on and off.It was a quick one cable connection, and after testing out the Picture and 4K UHD disc...... My son and I tried out the 3D function with Marvels Civil War.

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