Updating maps for magellan gps

If you call support with an issue, the response is to buy the newer unit.

Once a GPS device is no longer offered for sale, it's like it never existed if you visit the Magellan site, or call support.

If you go with Magellan, figure that the lifetime of your device will not be based on how long it works; but how long it takes for a newer model to supersede it.

This is ever since they started using the Smart GPS Eco website. If you are having trouble entering the Smart GPS portal (the wheel keeps turning on the log in page) give Opera a try. As for Magellan it looks like they are no longer interested in the auto segment and just leaving loyal customers in the dust. I'm not going to repeat what I have read current reviews listed. My complaint concerns the method used to access the lifetime free map updates.

Well, after screwing around for several days and many hours, here is what I came up with and it worked to update both my Roadmates. Formerly, I used the Magellan Content Manager, which worked great.

I tried to follow the directions but they still asked me to pay for the update.

I sent an email back and asked for a number that I could speak to a live person. I own a number of electronics and have never had customer service this bad. Updating the Garmin is easy and you wont be stuck having to pay for an update that should be free.

And, during the time your unit is in operation, pray you do not have technical issues with it and need to call customer support.

The Magellan Road Mate 5330T-LM was a 3 year anniversary work gift for my wife. Worked kind of OK until around November/December, but kept forgetting to notify Magellan. Contacted Magellan in February of 2018 with all of the product info and that it was a gift and the date it was registered was the date it was received.

All I wanted to know was how to calibrate the screen-- had the same problem with a Garmin GPS and they have a way to recalibrate.

Have emailed back and forth with Magellan February through March and now they won't reply to me. First day of setting it up had some problems with it wanting to connect to GPS and called them.

I responded with a picture showing the model number and serial number showing that is should come with lifetime updates.

1 week later they sent me directions on how to update my unit.

A week later they advised that they had received the unit and that they had filled the order to replace it. The Smart GPS Eco website still says that my GPS devices are not compatible with places and store tabs, but as long as I can use the download updates tab, I DON’T CARE! I am an IT specialist and this stupid thing won't stay connected to any of my main machine's ports (USB 3 or 2) using different cables. I was told to return it and supply proof of shipment and I would receive a new unit and be reimbursed for the return shipping charges.

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