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Bright Grey has now rebranded to Royal London as the mutual confirmed it would move to a single protection business bringing together “the best elements of the Bright Grey and Scottish Provident brands’ by the end of the year...Scottish Widows has unveiled details of its new protection product range, which will include reducing, relevant and increasing life term, stand-alone critical illness and life with critical illness plans...This may include providing domiciliary services (including specialist assessment) or using methods such as telephone or email.

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However, the assessment tools themselves can only be distributed to qualified mental health professionals and researchers.

Martin (Eds.), Measure availability: Information on measures is available to everyone.

Engagement with the family is particularly important for children and young people, and for people with severe CFS/ME.

Healthcare professionals should provide accurate information to people at all stages of CFS/ME, starting from when a diagnosis is first being considered.

Standardized self-report measures of civilian trauma and PTSD.

We maintain measures developed by affiliated staff of the National Center for PTSD.

A higher cut-point score should be considered when attempting to make a provisional diagnosis or to minimize false positives.

Good clinical care requires that clinicians monitor patient progress.

Change in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms: Do clinicians and patients agree?

Measures for acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.

An individualised management plan should be developed with the person with CFS/ME, and their carers if appropriate.

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