Updating olap dimensions

The proposed model is built upon the enhancement of the models in the previous models to support some missing mapping features.

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User Management – Creation and managing Users, Databases, Roles, Profiles and Accounts.

Space Allocation – Assigning Permanent Space, Spool Space and Temporary Space.

System Maintenance – Specification of system defaults, restart etc.

System Performance – Use of Performance Monitor(PMON), Priority Scheduler and Job Scheduling.

Creating a secondary index causes Teradata to build a sub-table to contain its index rows, thus adding another set of rows that requires updating each time a table row is inserted, deleted, or updated.

Secondary index sub-tables are also duplicated whenever a table is defined with FALLBACK, so the maintenance overhead is effectively doubled.

Network topology and performance for network attached systems Volume of data to be processed by the application.

For example, it provides time series and trend analysis views.

Consequently, the source code has been upgraded for C 98 compliance, and therefore all libraries and executable have been recompiled (even when no modifications were performed).

The following requirements only define the minimal requirements to run the application with reasonable performance based on the provided tutorial, or small business use cases.

The chief component of OLAP is the OLAP server, which sits between a client and a database management systems(DBMS).

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