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The method adds two integer numbers and returns the result. When the project properties window is opened, click Application tab, and then click Assembly Information button. In addition to making the DLL COM-visible, we also need to register the assembly as a COM component in the Windows registry.

On the Assembly Information window, check Make assembly COM-Visible. This allows COM-based applications to call the class library's member variables and methods. There are a few ways to do it based on your circumstances.

To register the assembly on other computers such as production machines, you can register the assembly by using Reg When the References window is opened, click the button Browse.

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In the click event we call a function called test() which is created within a VBA module. If we debug and step through the test function, we will see the result is 9 as it's calculated inside the C# DLL and returned to VBA. The limitation in this article is that Visual Studio registered our DLL and type library automatically for our development machine only.

You can see the result value either in Immediate window or by moving mouse over the lng Result variable. We haven't covered how to deploy the DLL to a production machine.

To overcome these limitations, we can use a much more powerful data control in Visual Basic, known as ADO control. As ADO is Active X-based, it can work in different platforms and different programming languages.

However, data control is not a very flexible tool as it could only work with limited kinds of data and must work strictly in the Visual Basic environment.

The runtime interface of this program is shown in Figure 25.1 below, it allows adding and deletion as well as updating and browsing of data. To connect ADO to this database file , follow the steps below: a) Click on the ADO control on the form and open up the properties window.

Next, insert the necessary labels, text boxes and command buttons.

Update End Sub Private Sub cmd Delete_Click() Confirm = Msg Box("Are you sure you want to delete this record?

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