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We believe we can make adjustments to reduce the impact of any similar correlated failure or degradation of EBS servers within an Availability Zone.Impact on the EC2 and EBS APIs The primary event only affected EBS volumes in a single Availability Zone, so those customers running with adequate capacity in other Availability Zones in the US East Region were able to tolerate the event with limited impact to their applications.

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We’d like to share more about the service event that occurred on Monday, October 22nd in the US- East Region.

We have now completed the analysis of the events that affected AWS customers, and we want to describe what happened, our understanding of how customers were affected, and what we are doing to prevent a similar issue from occurring in the future.

We are also modifying our system memory monitoring on the EBS storage servers to monitor and alarm on each process’s memory consumption, and we will be deploying resource limits to prevent low priority processes from consuming excess resources on these hosts.

We are also updating our internal DNS configuration to further ensure that DNS changes are propagated reliably, and as importantly, make sure that our monitoring and alarming surface issues more quickly should these changes not succeed.

A simple example of the kind of issue throttling protects against is a runaway application that naively retries a request as fast as possible when it fails to get a positive result.

Our systems are scaled to handle these sorts of client errors, but during a large operational event, it is not uncommon for many users to inadvertently increase load on the system.Because of the design of the data collection service (which is tolerant to missing data), this did not cause any immediate issues or set off any alarms.However, this inability to contact a data collection server triggered a latent memory leak bug in the reporting agent on the storage servers.These actions will address the problems that triggered the event.In addition, we are evaluating how to change the EBS failover logic that led to the rapid deterioration early in this event.EBS Servers generally make very dynamic use of all of their available memory for managing customer data, making it difficult to set accurate alarms on memory usage and free memory.

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