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0.4.7 - 26 February 2007 - added dvdrip for copying DVD movie to compressed format.

0.4.3 - 23 February 2007 - further detail of Intel Centrino (ipw) drivers and firmware.

updating sarge to etch-13

A good introduction to Debian is the Debian article at Wikipedia.

This document needs your feedback, it is under constant development so if you have any comments or suggestions please email them to inkwire [at] thegoldenear [dot] org and they can be considered.

A distribution is the operating system plus a number of software applications; there are many aspects differentiating distributions.

I recommend Debian in particular for these reasons: Debian Weekly News: Debian Planet: Debian (accumulation of Debian developers' blogs): planet.debian.org, Debian bug tracking system: The easiest means of downloading Debian is from get. There are various options of what to download, the most useful to choose from are Debian Stable is available to order on CD/DVD from various vendors, a list of them is available at

It applies most accurately to 32-bit x86 and 64-bit amd64 architectured computers; most of it but not all will apply to all Debian's supported architectures.

We also provide a menu driven command-line program, called Twix, to help you install most of what is covered in this document and configure some of it.

Twix can be downloaded for free from thegoldenear.org/toolbox/unices/twix/.

I try to stick closely to stock Debian, which means adding non-free but being very consertaive about installing software from outside Debian, which is to say that some is but not much.

Work In Progress 1.3.0 - 5 October 2007 - Added new section 'Partitioning Disks' with gparted; Added gdebi; Added msttcorefonts to wine 1.2.1 - 18 September 2007 - Replaced totem with totem-gstreamer in 'Multi media players, including DVD' section and removed vlc; Fonts for everyone need to be able to be read by everyone; Each login service needs to be configured to use libpam-keyring for it to work; Removed the Clearlooks skin for mplayer, possibly temporarily, because it doesn't apply to mplayer-nogui 1.2.0 - 13 September 2007 - Added Proprietary Software section with Internet Explorer and Skype; Added first draught of a Colour Management section; Updated Wine section with Wine HQ repository, removed wine-doc as it's merged into wine; Added libpam-keyring; Added thoggen; Added mjpegtools, ogmtools, subtitleripper, libdvdread3 and libdvdcss2 as supporting software to dvdrip; Removed network-manager as we only need be concerned with network-manager-gnome 1.1.4 - 1 September 2007 - added ufraw; removed gimp-dcraw 1.1.3 - 31 August 2007 - removed thinkpad-base, tpctl, thinkpad-source, configure-thinkpad, ibm-acpi as they're not available and thus also removed the IBM Thinkpad section.

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