Updating software on sky box

The Tata Sky dish is installed on the building’s terrace, so it was going to be difficult for him to troubleshoot the issue if it came to that.

The engineer pressed a few buttons on the remote and concluded that the issue might be near the dish, and headed up to the terrace. The engineer spent about 30–45 minutes there troubleshooting the issue, and when he came back down, concluded that there was an issue with the “LNB”, which he has replaced with a “Super LNB” and that I’ll be charged INR 900 for it.

The engineer said OK and headed back to the terrace to replace the newly fitted “Super LNB” with the old “LNB” I had and returned 10 minutes later claiming that the old LNB was no longer working as intended.

One out of two of the signal outputs on the LNB was no longer working, so it was not possible to receive signals in both my STBs.

I did switch to Airtel DTH for about a year some time in 2009, but switched back to Tata Sky for their HD services.

I currently have two Tata Sky boxes at home — the primary one is a HD DVR (Recorder) while the secondary one is a normal HD box.

A temporary workaround, he said, was to use a “splitter” at the signal output that worked, but this would mean signal deterioration and could affect signal/channel quality. It was around 10PM by now and the engineer claimed that he lived all the way in Govandi, so I should make a decision quick so that he can head home.

He also claimed that the only possible fix to the issue was to install the Super LNB.I was a little taken aback by this, because not only did the engineer not inform me of any charges before the hardware was replaced, it was I explained to the engineer that before the software update download attempt, both the boxes were working fine and still were, if you restarted the box.However, the engineer insisted that it was the LNB’s fault and that with the new one in place, I wouldn’t have any issues.Unfortunately, 20–30 minutes later, the message on the screen returned.New software was being downloaded again, said the message. The message was stuck, there was no movement on the progress bar.Sky Q’s sports section will also get an update to reflect a viewers’ favorite sports and teams, and a new user interface will include a new homepage that includes recent recordings, favorite channels, and catch-up TV.

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