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Instead of typing a currency into Google, you can now use the Windows Calculator to do that money math for you. This has actually been in the last few recent Windows builds, if you were paying attention.Finally, we can tweet with emoji from our desktops.

They're definitely disabled on my laptop, but when I installed the new update on my desktop, I immediately spotted Suggestions back in my Start menu.

Sure enough, the setting is enabled in my Start options.

Try pressing the Windows key and then the period (.) or semicolon (;) with a text field selected.

In principle, it could be a nice feature: pin contacts to your taskbar so you can quickly reach the people you chat with most. We do use Slack, Discord, Steam, and Google Hangouts, and this feature might be useful were it integrated with them, but for now it's only convenient if you primarily use Skype or are embroiled in an endless email thread that you might need to check at a moment's notice.

The integration is much better than it was in Windows 8, but it still leads to some annoying nested menus and limitations for UWP apps (like the performance issues we saw with UWP games last year).

One of those limitations was not being able to adjust UWP app volume independently, but now that's fixed.Microsoft is planning much more thorough phone-to-PC integration, aka Microsoft Graph, but right now there's not much to it—and if we're being honest, I don't want my Microsoft account tracking every damn thing I do, or even existing most of the time.I'm about 99 percent sure I turned off the "Suggestions," aka ads, that Microsoft likes to insert into the Start menu.Sure, you could use a third-party monitoring tool like HWMonitor or CAM, and you probably still will if you plan to overclock your graphics card.But for a lot of people, Task Manager is now a good enough tool to render those unnecessary.Windows Update to see if the feature update is available for your PC.

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