Updating vcenter vds data

I have experienced that recently when upgrading my p NICs to proper firmware/driver combination (Those were the x710-da2 Intel Hyper converged 10Gb E adapters).

Even if VMware, until now, released a new release of the Fling every week since March 2016, it wasn’t enough for the GA.

You’re left with a Flash-based client (is faster IMHO) which is developed in parallel. Just to brings some important thinks and consider supported and unsupported scenarios.

There is a general saying which says “measure twice – cut once” and I think that it applies 200% here.

A lot of v Sphere and related products received updates.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of fixes in the various products and components.

If you look at the release notes it becomes obvious that a lot of attention went into stability and reliability.But the automatic way works only on VMFS 6 datastores and it is not immediate.You’ll see the benefit after 12 hours as the automatic crawler runs every 12 hours only.It is better to check and see that it is Ok than having downtime because you need to do a restore or have other issues. I listed a couple of updates I think are very interesting.For a complete list of updates and fixed, check the Release Notes for v Center 6.1 U1.You might even lose access to your backup server if it is tightened to v Center.

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