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What you will want to do is upload it to i Tunes Connect and have it approved by Apple as soon as possible so that your users can benefit from the upgrade. This means that your app submission has been put into the review queue in Apple’s review department.Typically, reviews of app updates take less time than new apps.See also: i OS 11: It's gone from awful to awesome The recommended way is to tap Settings Before you go hog-wild, throw caution to the wind and start upgrading, be aware that there are risks.

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Make sure that “Everyone” is selected in the Read & Write privileges. Drag the i Tunes application icon from Application folder to the trash. Go to the Apple download website and download i Tunes. Right click the downloaded file and choose “Open.” 3. Just follow the on-screen instructions until the application is installed.

If you're thinking about upgrading, there are some steps that you should take so you don't end up in a world of hurt.

What it adds in this update is the ability to sync with devices running i OS 11 and social music sharing for Apple Music subscribers.

Other changes include a previously announced move for i Tunes U content, which is now in the Podcast section.

It is advisable to take this into account when planning your app launch.

While Apple expanded its i Phone lineup today, a software update delivered for i Tunes on Windows and Mac PCs is slimming things down a bit.

Make a new backup of your i Tunes library, or update your existing backup before you move it.

Even if you already have a backup of your i Tunes library, this step makes sure you capture any changes and makes the process easier.

However, it all depends on Apple and their review queue.

App update approval can take as long as up to two weeks.

With it, you can access your i Phone files on Mac/PC, backup i Phone media, transfer files to i Phone without limits. i My Fone Tunes Mate has been highly recommended by Geekreply, getintopc.com, tricksworldzz.com, etc.

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