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Green: This colour signifies generosity, practicality, kindness and sympathy.Lucky Days For 31 December Birthdates: Saturday – This day is ruled by Saturn and represents restrictions, problems, patience and discipline.Having respect for others and their feelings, you find yourself in the best of relationships. When it comes to your health, you could do better, my friend.

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You are a responsible person who is protective of your loved ones.

This Capricorn birth date individuals are surprisingly jovial people.

1994 – The first time it didn’t snow in the month of December in Baltimore.

1984 – Following his mother, Rajiv Gandhi takes office as India’s Prime Minister.

Nonetheless, you love them and have only good intentions.

Normally, the 31st December birthday personality are organized people who are capable of keeping their financial records current and accurate.You have a need to keep your life in order and planning helps you to do this.Sometimes you take on too much responsibility however.With your new attitude, you should learn to relax and enjoy life more.Do things on the spur of the moment instead of planning everything you do.You like dating and getting to know people rather than rushing in to a love affair.

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