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Eight out of ten people tell us they feel less stressed and anxious after getting debt advice.

Making you sure you keep a roof over your head can be a major worry if you have to wait several weeks for your first payment.

In Northern Ireland, you automatically get two monthly payments, but can ask to be moved to monthly payments and pay your rent directly to your landlord.

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In some circumstances, you may be able to claim what's called Transitional Protection if moving onto Universal Credit means you will get less money than you were getting in your old benefits. If you are currently getting any of the benefits being replaced by Universal Credit and you have a change of circumstances that means you will now have to make a new claim for Universal Credit, you won’t qualify for Transitional Protection.

However, it is proposed that if you’re on any of the benefits being replaced and are asked by DWP to move onto Universal Credit, you may qualify for Transitional Protection if all the following things apply: You will continue to get Transitional Protection until your Universal Credit award catches up through increases in payments, or the family has a significant change in circumstances.

If you live in a full service area and are making a new claim, you will be asked to apply for Universal Credit.

If you’re making a new claim in a live service area, you will continue to claim existing benefits until your Job Centre moves onto the full service.

In both live and full service areas, people currently claiming the benefits to be replaced by Universal Credit will be moved onto it at some point.

You will be told when this is happening and you don’t need to do anything unless your circumstances change.

If you will really struggle to manage until your first payment you can ask for an advance payment from your work coach.

You can get up to a full month’s payment as an advance.

If you think you will miss essential bill payments during this time, talk to people that you might owe money to, like your energy supplier,to discuss what you can do.

They might be able to offer support, like energy grants or lower tariffs.

If you are worried about going into debt or don’t know what to say to people you owe money to, a free debt adviser will be able to talk through things you can do.

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