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Additionally, if your data is structured so that the value of one column is validated based on the contents of another column, then perform your validation during the Row Changing event.When records are updated, the Data Table object raises events that you can respond to as changes are occurring and after changes are made.

It's a good practice to validate data prior to sending updates to the underlying database.

This reduces errors as well as the potential number of round trips between an application and the database.

We also describe ‘design patterns’ commonly used in test automation for improving the maintenance and extensibily of your automation suite.

The more experienced reader will find these interesting if not already using these techniques. That depends on aspects of your project: user expectations, time allowed for the project, priorities set by the project manager and so on.

You can confirm that data that's being written to a dataset is valid by building validation checks into the dataset itself.

The dataset can check the data no matter how the update is being performed — whether directly by controls in a form, within a component, or in some other way.

For more information, see Turn off constraints while filling a dataset.

The event you choose depends on how granular you want the validation to be.

For more information, see How to: Validate Data During Column Changes or How to: Validate Data During Row Changes.

For a complete example, see Walkthrough: Adding Validation to a Dataset.

how can i validate the date field to only accept dates of the present day [ today() ] and not any dates of earlier days?

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