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This can be customized for different form field validations. You can paste the entire code directly in the body section of your webpage to get it working.

You can paste the entire code directly in the body section of your webpage to get it working.

The first thing you should do is test whether any radio buttons are selected or not with the isset function.

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Use add Group Rule() when you need to validate elements inside the group.

Also use add Rule() if you need to validate the group as a whole.

This is the name to be used when referring to the control's value in the POST/GET superglobals, after the form is submitted.

This is also the name of the variable to be used in custom template files, in order to display the control.

Here’s a simple snippet to illustrate how it works: A couple things to pay attention to here… With this, you can properly handle these checkboxes and process them accordingly.

The name is really the name of the “group” of checkboxes. This is how you know which checkboxes were checked and which weren’t. When this form is submitted the output will look something like this: If you look at our inputs…That could cause some issues in some browsers, especially if you are using Javascript. Also, what are you using an empty a element for (which doesn't have an href attribute, by the way)?Below is what I have for the validation code and then the form.Unique name to identify the control in the form.$id needs to be suffixed with square brackets if there are more checkboxes sharing the same name, so that PHP treats them as an array!The control's name attribute will be as indicated by argument is "value 1", the control's id attribute will be my_checkbox_value_1.This article will explain the basics in creating an email form that validates the inputs, produces errors when inputs are typed incorrectly, and send an email to you when submitted.

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