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Display Alerts = True End Sub You can see the code posted in the module below - Now lets understand what each line of the code does - So first we set DISPLAYSTATUSBAR to true and then we set the message for the status bar.

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“Used Cell” is defined as Cell containing formula, formatting, The above procedure work under normal circumstances, but it does not work in some cases where the data source was downloaded from other system.

In that case you should use the below procedure to clear all empty cells and then delete the row. Screen Updating = False For Each usedrng In Active Sheet.

Also, intellisense will not work correctly in this case:data Sht is type Variant, and output Sht is type Worksheet. It improves readability and generally increases performance.

If I type: output Sht and then press full stop, intellisense will work its magic and give me a handy list of things I can do with my worksheet. Let’s say we have a Public Sub Routine that takes 2 numbers from the user and adds them together.

I love VBA and tend to use it everywhere, even when a formula will do the job for me.

However, I also see a lot of bad habits from people which makes me less warm and fuzzy and more .. I am a programmer in the real world and thought I'd list down some good habits when programming in VBA. I would always recommend people use Option Explicit in all of their programs.

See below: NOTE: Do whatever you feel comfortable with, just remember to make your variables mean something, and always stick to the same format, Magic Numbers are very convenient and save on typing and memory. They take up more memory and make your code harder to read.

However, they are very confusing to other readers and even to yourself when you go back through your code the next week! I can easily see that Add Numbers requires two Doubles, and returns a Double.

This means that you are changing the value when it returns back to the calling routine. The main reason people still use this is because of the Macro Recorder, which is a terrible way of learning how to code VBA.

If you are not changing the value, only reading it, then you will want to pass By Val (By Value). If I had a penny for every time I saw someone use . I generally only use the Macro Recorder when I want to see how to programmatically write out something quite complex (it will do it all for me). The amount of lines of code I look at on a daily basis are in the thousands, and it takes me at least 4 times as long to understand WTF you have done because there are no comments.

Here is a simple code which gives a message box showing the values in column A starting from row 2 to the last row.

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