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However, the project never advanced beyond a trial run before South Korea pulled out in June 2008 amid worsening ties.

South Korea has ambitions to significantly extend the eastern “Donghae” line so that it connects its southernmost port of Busan with North Korea’s northernmost industrial cities of Chongjin and Rajin.

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Japan completed a 499-kilometer (310-mile) railway line connecting Seoul and Sinuiju in 1906, mainly to move soldiers and military supplies, before it annexed the peninsula in 1910.

The Gyeongui line was separated in 1945 at the end of World War II, when the peninsula was liberated from Japanese colonial rule but also divided between a U.

The vows to upgrade the North’s railways and roads will remain purely aspirational until international sanctions against North Korea are lifted and the South is freed to take material steps.

The talks at the border village of Panmunjom were the latest to discuss ways to carry out peace commitments made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

North Korea’s state media on Wednesday acknowledged inter-Korean discussions on “issues arising in reconnecting, updating and using the railways on the east and west coasts,” but did not describe that South Korea would be sending officials and experts to examine the country’s aging rail system.

The agreement Tuesday to start joint inspections of North Korea’s railways on July 24 was apparently as far as the rivals could go at the moment.starts you over 50 years ago in 1962, when Phil Knight is 24 years old, has just earned an MBA from Stanford, and doesn’t know what to do with his life. He now to travel to Japan, find a shoe company, and pitch them his Crazy Idea. Phil describes his father as obsessed with respectability and grounding in traditional values, and wandering the earth seemed the antithesis of this.You travel the next 18 years with Phil Knight, through continuous adversity, self-doubt, and never-ending financial uncertainty. Being a runner and having been a decent – but just decent – runner on the U of Oregon track team, he’s obsessed with shoes. Along the way, he wants to see and feel the world – for how can you change the world without seeing it? Phil’s quite sure his father will demur from funding his wanderlust.Eventually, though, his journey calls to him again. Phil hesitates to travel alone, but soldiers forth. Phil travels around Tokyo, learning about Zen and observing the rubble remaining from World War 2. He likes a shoe manufacturer Onitsuka and their shoe line Tiger, and he believes this is where he’ll make his start.His father has two friends in Tokyo, and they dispense business advice – the Japanese are soft negotiators, not fans of the aggressive American style. He makes an appointment to meet executives and travels south to Kobe, Japan.Phil Knight has graduated from University of Oregon and earned an MBA from Stanford, and he doesn’t know what to do. His paper’s thesis – Japanese companies are poised to burst into the shoe market, just as they had for cameras and displacing the German incumbents. His traveling ambitions have a spiritual air, longing to understand how the Chinese and Buddhists and Greeks and Christians have thought about life for millennia. But to his surprise, the elder Knight approves, bemoaning his own lack of travel experience in younger days.

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